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I had an appointment with my educator yesterday, and my A1C is down to 9.1! Now obviously that’s not the best number, but a few weeks ago it was 9.9, and a few weeks before that it was 11.6. So with all things considered I’d say 9.1 is pretty good. 

I only have a month left before I move in for college, and I really want to get into the 8’s for my next appointment (which is 2 days before move in.) I know I can do this. I know I can be in control. It’s just taken a while for me to take ownership of everything. And I think going to college in a month is a wake up call that I am the one that is in charge of all of this. No matter how good of a diabetic I am in my head, I need to do the things to take care of myself (checking myself, bolusing for everything I eat) to actually get the results that I want. 

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I have another endo appointment a week from monday. It feels like I was just there (because essentially I was.) These past few weeks I have been taking the steps that my educator and I agreed upon to improve my A1C. I’ve been keeping an extra meter next to my bed and that encourages me to check myself as soon as I get up and before I go to bed. I’ve been bolusing for breakfast as soon as I get up too. I do still have to improve on bolusing during lunch and dinner. For some reason it just slips my mind to do it then. Does anyone have any tips for how they remember to bolus whenever they put food in their mouths?

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High A1C rant 1, 2, 3, go

my A1C is 11.6…… I knew it was going to be bad but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I started crying when my doctor was talking to me. You would think that after 11 years I would figure all of this out, but it is so so difficult. I’m very disappointed in myself for letting it get this bad. I’m taking this summer to focus on myself, my health, and my happiness. I can’t keep living this way feeling like crap all the time. 11.6 guys… that’s really not good. I’m back to the doctor in not 3 months, but instead 3 weeks. UGH. 

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I want a diabetic boyfriend so I can say things like, “How about you come ‘ere and prime my tubing. Give my cannula a good fill.  Mmmm yeah, make me moan louder than I do when my endo’s office calls to remind me about my appointment.”

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alyisayif asked: I really like your blog. As a fellow Type 1 Diabetic, it's nice to see that other people with diabetes face the same problems I do. I don't have any friends with diabetes, so sometimes I forget that I'm not alone. So thanks. :)

Aw, thank you so much! I don’t really have any friends with diabetes either, so I know how it feels to be able to relate to someone when it comes to this kind of stuff. You’re never alone in this, even if it feels that way sometimes. Stay strong and keep on being an awesome diabetic. Much love to you!

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my endo appointment is on friday and right now all the feels inside of me are like, “oh holy fuck nuggets I’m going to be murdered”

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I don’t know why it is so goddamn difficult for me to take care of myself. I know I have to check myself before I eat. I know I have to bolus before I eat. I know I have to wear my CGM. SO WHY CAN’T I DO THESE THINGS. I fully understand the repercussions of me not taking care of myself. But I just haven’t been doing it. Maybe now that school is over I can force myself to get into a new routine. A routine that involves managing my diabetes properly.  

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Sleep isn’t coming too easily lately…

You’d think that after having a pump for 7 years I wouldn’t have difficulty sleeping with it, right? HAH. Two nights ago in the middle of the night I shifted positions while sleeping, and in doing that my site ripped right out of my lower back (luckily I had an extra infusion set and injector in my room so I didn’t have to go far to fix the situation). And then last night somehow my site got disconnected in my sleep! Maybe I’ve just been a crazy sleeper the past few nights, who knows. 

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prom 2014. one of the best nights with some of the best people I know. 

let me tell you, getting my pump out while I was wearing that dress was quite difficult. I had it in my bra, and in order to get it out I had to have someone unzip the top of my dress and then pull it out from my high necked dress. my blood sugars cooperated with me for the most part until the post prom party when my battery died… whoops!